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       Tour of Israel


Back in November 2008 Agudat Bris Sydney Australia and other Australian affiliates joined with Rabbi Rob and his lovely wife Marlene for a tour of Egypt, Jordan and the Holy Land. What unfolded was an experience that will live in our memories for many, many years. These photos don't do the trip justice, but I post them here to allow fellow Netsarim to get some idea of what we experienced.

Above: This photo was taken at Timna Park, 20 miles north of Eilat inside the courtyard of a life-size Tabernacle replica. The park was closed because of an unexpected marathon event in Israel, but we were granted with the rare opportunity to access the site and have our own Rabbi, an expert on Temple Worship, give us a very detailed tour of all the noteworthy aspects of the structure. We were all in tears at different stages of this experience, knowing that if we’d had come on a normal day we would have probably been stuck with a Christian guide and a crowed of people. What the enemy did to disrupt our schedule, the Father turned to good by allowing us to have the whole site to ourselves. The object in the foreground is the horn of the altar.


Above: Longshot (in case you were wondering). Marlene, Shabnam, Rabbi Rob, Vicky and Carol waiting for  me to return with their cameras. The rest of the party were on their way back to the bus. Note, it's the only one in the carpark.

 More photos to come soon...