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  The Star of David - Defending the Shield

Psalms 18:36;"You have given me Your shield of salvation."

Over the years I have weathered steady criticism by sincere, yet sincerely wrong returning and grafted-in Israelites who have criticised the Star of David as being a pagan symbol. To this end I feel it necessary to add a small entry that explains the origin and meaning of the Star of David to set minds at rest. This symbol is completely in harmony with Scripture and has its origin in the Davidic reign. The “six pointed star” is made up of two inverted superimposed paleo-Hebrew “daleths” (delets), the beginning and ending letter in King David’s name.

“The Magen David (“Shield of David”) has six-points, which symbolise that (YHWH) rules over the universe and protects Israel from all six directions: North, South, East, West, Up and Down. A similar symbolism is found in reading the ‘Shema.’ (‘Code of Jewish Law’ O.C. 61:6)” - Rabbi Shraga Simmons

Though King David is believed not to have ever literally worn the symbol in battle, it was latter utilised by his descendants. During the 1st century Bar Kochba rebellion, Jewish troops equipped themselves with shields in the shape of two overlapping inverted triangles to signify that the Almighty shields them in war. Interestingly Bar Kochba means “son of the star.” It is also believed that the Macabees adorned their battle gear with the Magen David and in the 1500s the threatened Jewish community in Prague flew a flag with a six pointed star.

Triangle based interlocking designs, as we know from the construction of the pillar of Enoch (aka The Great Pyramid), are the strongest forms of construction known to man. The triangles represent the reciprocal relationship between heaven and a future harmonic world summed up as, “as above, as below.” The triangle facing down represents the flow of goodness down from heaven and the triangle facing up represents “good deeds” that will provoke Messiah Yahshua’s return. The overall shape of the great Pyramid at Gaza, which was not built by Egyptians at all, was built based on this premise. So the foundation or premise for the Star of David has its origin in the Enochian period. When Yahshua returns it will be as if another pyramid descends from above to form a three dimensional Star of David. 

The inner core of the Star of David represents the spiritual dimension whilst being surrounded by six equally sized directions. The centre hexagonal shape is the Shabbat, which is balanced by the six weekdays.

I have personally seen and photographed, not only the “Star of David,” but the “Pentagram (or seal) of Solomon” carved on the arch of the ruined Natsarim Synagogue, which Yahshua taught at, on the shores of the Galilee.

This partially erect structure still stands behind the remains of Kepha’s (Peter’s) parent’s home. Surrounding the Synagogue is also the location of a large crumbling Yeshiva, which is evidence that the fishing community that Yahshua recruited students from was not a collection of poverty stricken fisherman, but that of a flourishing fishing business, whose profits went to constructing the prestigious building that housed the school of Yahshua. This alone is ample evidence that the Star of David and the Pentagram of Solomon was alive and well in Yahshua’s day, and not a set of seventeen century afterthoughts that got attributed to Israel’s beloved King David or his son.

Criticism of the Star of David calls into question the symbol of the early Natsarim (Offshoot Branch Watchmen) movement, which depicts a menorah interlocked with the Star of David and the fish symbol, the latter adopted exclusively by modern-day  Christianity. This symbol has been discovered on pottery in the locality of Natsarim communities within Israel.

It grieves me that the memory of Jewish soldiers (both ancient and modern) have died in battle trying to uphold this standard and it gets branded as pagan by “Johnny come lately” Ephramites who usually also broadly criticise Rabbinic Judaism, but quite happily help themselves to small portions of it.