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These are links to other helpful websites:

The website of our brother fellowship in Texas:

We also have an Australian Agudat Bris website (albeit under construction) at:

Nazarene Space is a very authorative Netsarim network website by Mr James Trimm.

Jeff A. Benner’s Ancient Hebrew Research Centre is a website that predominantly teaches both the paleo and classical Hebrew dialect through studying the alephbet from a purely Hebraic perspective. Jeff has published a number of ground breaking books that are helpful to beginner and advanced students alike. This is an excellent website that has plenty of interesting teachings and surprises.

Official Chabad Lubavitch website. An excellent resource for orthodox Jewish teaching and Halakah (conduct) right from the pen of the Sages. Residences of Australia try Chabad Double Bay for Shabbat candle lighting times and local events.