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         Agudat Bris Sydney Has Changed its Name

Yes, it's true, we have changed our name from Agudat Bris Sydney to Netzarim Antoecie (Nazarenes of Australia). The word Netzarim means "Offshoot Branch Watchmen" and is the original name of our sect according to Scripture (Acts 24:5). After going to this verse it must be stated that we toyed with the idea of calling ourselves "Trouble Makers" but thankfully sobriety prevailed. The word Antoecie comes from an ancient name for our region on the famous spherical world map of Crates of Mallos, even appearing on the Greek map of Eratosthenese in 239 BC. It means "ancient southern land"

We felt that this name reflects our identity most accurately defining us not as Christians, a Greek name, but as Nazarenes, followers after "the Branch."

The new name reflects a new a fresh resolve to continue our mission to sift lost Israel from the nations.